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Travel Insurance


We offers Easy Travel Insurance, which is a short-term travel insurance plan designed to make your travel hassle-free and safe. It guards you in times of illness, theft and other unexpected situations that can drastically foil your plans while you travel. It provides coverage for you and your family members - including spouse, children, and dependent parents - and comes complete with great benefits such as emergency cash, imported medicines, doctor referrals, and family transportation etc. It also offers you with the latest travel and health oriented information.


International SIM Card with Martix


As globetrotting becomes a way of life, it becomes equally important to seek communication options which provide good connectivity and convenience for you across the world. Started in 1995, Matrix Cellular is the leading telecom solution provider for Indian travellers going abroad.

We cater to a wide audience including leisure & business travellers and students studying abroad. We provide services all around the world and have our presence across India. Our services include International SIM and Data solutions. With Matrix, you can save big on your international roaming expenses and can always stay in touch with your loved ones whenever and wherever you are in the world. Our ever increasing portfolio of countries focuses on fulfilling customer’s specific communication needs, when travelling abroad.

International travellers can also purchase Matrix products and services at all major airports in the country such as Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Kochi. Our airport counters help us address three different markets: an introduction to Matrix for first time customers walking in to the airport, a reminder for our existing customer base and a distribution point for Matrix corporate base.

Today, we have evolved with an aim to stand for something distinctive – touching your heart as well as minds. Our brand promise – easy and smart – is an important asset and embodies our purpose and what we stand for. Our commitment to customer service is unparalleled. We leave no stone unturned to ensure customer delight at every step. With a vision to connect every international traveller with convenient and cost effective solutions, we have established ourselves as the undisputed market leader.


International Forex Card


Enjoy peace of mind the next time you travel abroad with the Forex card. It is more convenient than carrying foreign exchange and traveler'scheque because you don't have to carry cash and hunt for money changers when abroad.

Load it: Get instant and convenient access to your money in the currency of your choice.

Swipe it: Use it across all VISA ATMs, merchant establishments worldwide and avoid paying currency interest charges, so it's more economical than your Debit and Credit card.


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